The Wassailant Liner Notes – Part 2

This is part 2 of my notes on The Wassailant, covering how I put them together, where the ideas came from and what I make of them a year on – all that good stuff you might find in an album liner. This post is going to cover the second half of the album –Continue reading “The Wassailant Liner Notes – Part 2”

The Wassailant Liner Notes – Part 1

15th December will be one year since The Wassailant came out. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long already. If you listened to it before, hopefully you’ve had a decent break from it and can enjoy listening to it again with fresh ears this season. If you haven’t listened to it before…check it out,Continue reading “The Wassailant Liner Notes – Part 1”

Current Project: The Wassailant

This is the second in a planned series of 3 posts about music projects I’m currently working on or planning for the near(ish) future. To find out more about my Marius von Raum origin album, click here. Today I’m talking about the album I’m currently recording, The Wassailant. What is it?It’s…a Christmas album. Yeah, IContinue reading “Current Project: The Wassailant”