The Mechanisms

“An awesomely talented group of musicians and actors” ★★★★★

Broadway Baby

The Mechanisms – a lawless crew of cutthroat, immortal space pirates, roaming the universe in search of adventure and a story or two.

They come armed to the teeth with music, murder and mythology and leave only chaos and octokittens in their wake.

The Mechanisms (2010-2020) were a folk/prog rock group who drew on world music and myth to perform sci-fi flavoured retellings of traditional stories. Over 6 albums, we tackled everything from Greek mythology treated with noirish cyberpunk-inflected blues, to Norse gods embroiled in a horrifying conspiracy on a Viking space train! I played Baron Marius von Raum, ship’s medic (unqualified) and violinist from late 2012 to the band’s end in 2020 and had the time of my life.

The Death of Byron von Raum, a send-off for my character is forthcoming! In the meantime, find The Mechanisms’ music here.

“Holy sh*t. Wait a minute. These guys are… F*ck. This is some sh*t right here.”

Paul Shapera
The Mechanisms

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