The Wassailant – out now!

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We’re finally here and The Wassailant is out!

I’ve been both dreading and looking forward to today for a while! I started work properly in March, when I decided to put Byron von Raum on the back-burner during lockdown. So on the one hand, I’m very excited to finally share what I’ve been working on all this while…on the other, this is the first time I’ve released a big chunk of music that hasn’t been working with someone else, especially The Mechanisms.

I’ve been pretty nervous, especially these last few weeks! But it’s important to me to tackle those nerves head on and get over the fear of being seen, the fear of creating something that doesn’t quite align with the version that’s in my mind’s eye.

I still feel a tiny bit selfconscious about some aspects of the finished album. But, ultimately, it’s finished. It’s here! And I’m proud of the result. I’m through letting anxiety hold me back from making the things I want to make.

I’ve had so much fun making these songs. I’ve come to understand myself a little better as a writer and as a musician and I’ve learnt valuable lessons from the little successes and setbacks I’ve had along the way. I’m looking forward to the next step.

Thanks for listening! Like I said earlier this year, The Wassailant has its roots in the fact that a lot of festive music isn’t really my thing. Whether festive music is your thing or not, I hope you find a little something to enjoy. Happy holidays, everyone.


Special thanks go to: Ruth Wilkinson for her incredible album art that far surpassed all my expectations; R L Hughes and Nick Siepmann for offering advice and expertise when I hit various walls at the recording stage; Dr. Carmilla for listening to my early mixes and pointing me in the right direction; and The Mechanisms for supporting me to develop the confidence to write in the first place! This album would be nowhere near as cool without all of you.

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