Lyrics: Bethlehem Green

Bethlehem Green

From The Wassailant (2020)

Bethlehem Green – where the world seems
To shrink and retreat from your head
And your path can be seen
Shining bright through the haze of confusion ahead

And you lay down your load –
Nowhere you’d rather be
For a day – in the glow
Of the fireplace breathing the air
Spiced with cinnamon,
Sweet tangerine
On Bethlehem Green.

There’s a moment of peace – there’s a moment
Of splendour where care gently sleeps.
There’s a moment’s relief –
Bethlehem Green is your haven
Your refuge, your keep:

And you cast off your fears,
Whatsoever they be,
For a day: be of good cheer
And join in the happy scene.
Old feuds forgotten,
And love evergreen
On Bethlehem Green.

Bethlehem Green – no angels here
And the shepherds and wise men have fled.
But you take my hand
And the warmth of your smile
Breathes a love song unsaid.

And we’re perfectly flawed –
As life’s tapestry
Joins us to all that has ever been,
All that may be,
While the fireside beckons
All cinnamon, tangerine –

– On Bethlehem Green.

Lyrics: © 2020 Kofi Young

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